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We are living in a country with the highly dense population and very limited sources of public transports. Everyone has to pull up his/her shoes and get out of their homes every day for their work, school, colleges, leisure etc. Hence, it is essential to have a robust, dynamic & functional transport system in a city. It is a whole and sole responsibility of government to provide us with a highly active network of public transport system. But what if, the government is failing to do that? We must find our own way out of it & if there is no way then we should create a new one!

Having our own vehicle can prove to be a classy solution for this crisis, but not everyone of is can afford to have a vehicle, be it a two-three- four wheeler. So, maximum people’s problem will be solved by having an owned vehicle but still, there will be a minority part of the society struggling to use a good transport facility. What can be done for them? What can we do so that they will be able to use a transport system like us without having any type of hassle or complexity? Well, has come up with an intuitive, robust, emphatic solution over this problem. We at ‘BookaCab’, will be offering you premium cab services 24×7 for all your transport needs. Our cabs Pune to Mumbai have become popular amongst the metro cities in no time. As nowadays, time has gained importance equivalent to money and one cannot afford to waste time on unnecessary things. Knowing this, we help you save your time on-the- go!

In comparison with black & yellow cabs, we provide good quality, premium AC & non AC cabs for you. We understand that travel is not a luxury but a necessity for everyone. We strive to make your travelling experience enriched.

Safety is another factor that one is so much concerned about nowadays. Especially, working women are always in a threat. Let us say you want to book a cab from Pune to Mumbai. With ‘BookaCab’, we ensure you a very safe and happy journey of all the times! All The taxis and cabs running under this service are well equipped with all the necessary and modern technical devices such as GPS and GSM networks which can instantly let anyone know the exact location of the vehicle. This is not only useful for the safety of person but also for the safety of the vehicle. Let us say that if the vehicle (the cab or taxi that you have booked with us) has some technical issues with it and it strikes in between your journey. If you have no idea where you are, then you can recognise your location with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System). Similarly, you can call out for a help.

With ‘BookaCab’ you can avail cab service instantly, with affordable rates without having to compromise on any issues as far as quality assurance is concerned.

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