Cabs from Pune to Matheran

Cabs from Pune to Matheran

Going to a hill station in winters is usual behaviour. Every one of us will definitely like it. But often, we choose a poor transport system which may spoil our trip also. As they say that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, hence one must be very careful while selecting good transport facility.

Private transport systems are generally recommended while going on a vacation as then only you will be in a position to customise your trip according to your needs and wishes. Matheran is generally the first name that comes to our minds when we think of hill stations. Public Transport systems like Railway, Bus are available to Matheran but again, when it comes to enjoying the journey in the way you want to, these are not feasible. There, we come to your help. We provide instant cabs from Pune to Matheran. Our speciality is the luxury and super comfort level that you won’t get with any other tour operator. Many big brands claim to provide many services on paper only, but in reality, you receive nothing. We are a good exception for this. Once you are connected with us, we never let you go!

When it comes to travelling, security is the most important issue everyone is concerned about. Knowing this, we have designed a complete family journey package for our passengers. We are equipped with the modern, high-end & top notch tech devices that are active 24×7. Devices such as GPS (Global Positioning System), activity trackers, theft trackers, odometer trackers are some of the examples of devices that we install in our vehicles. These devices will reduce the danger of any threat to zero and ensure you a safe and happy journey on-the- go.

While going to Matheran, it may happen that you need to take multiple halts depending on your and your family’s requirements. But this is not possible in case of public transport system, as you are not the only one there to be considered in the journey. But in the case of ‘BookaCab’, we offer you customised package so that you can enjoy your journey in your own ways and cherish all those beautiful moments and memories which you would have missed in case of other tour operators. So, basically we are not tour operators but we ensure your journey becomes more beautiful than your trip!

Then the point of cost effectiveness comes. We offer the most affordable cabs from Pune to Matheran along with the lucrative incentives and occasional discounts too. Our per kilometre rates are the least amongst all the competitors in the market right now. But at the same time, we do not compromise with the quality of the service that we provide to you. We have all the brand new cars in fleet along with the cutting edge technology inbuilt in it. Our drivers are experienced and well-trained. In short, ‘BookaCab’ gives you a complete premium and luxury experience that you cannot forget for a lifetime!

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