Cabs from Pune to Tuljapur

Cabs from Pune to Tuljapur

Our country is full of the spirituality. Worshipping gods and goddesses is basically the time honoured tradition here. Pilgrims in the country keep visiting the holy places throughout the year. According to one survey, approximately Lakhs of devotees per year visit various holy places pan India. Now, one question may arise in your mind. In a hugely dense & populated country like India, is it really possible to accommodate all these people in a public transport system? Unfortunately, No!

Being an expertise in the field of private cab operation, ‘BookaCab’ has found out an emphatic solution for this critical problem. We have already spread our wings all over Maharashtra and soon to become one of the giants in the field of private transport sector across the country. We provide cabs from Pune to Tuljapur at very affordable rates so that you receive value to every penny that you spent on us.

We understand the personalised and customised requirements of the pilgrims of Maharashtra and have designed our journey schedule accordingly so that pilgrims get a super comfort level throughout the journey. When the festival of goddess Tuljabhavani is near to come, we arrange more and more cabs for the increasing no. of pilgrims, so that they never have to face any kind of inconveniences. And of course, all this is done at the reasonable rates as we believe that serving the devotees in a good manner is equivalent to worshipping a goddess!

Security is one of the most important factors that we always take care of. Seeing towards the increasing accidents of devotees on the way, we take extra care of our cabs. We have installed top notch and cutting edge tech devices in our cabs so as to reduce the threat of accidents. GPS system enabled in your vehicle will keep you connected with us 24×7 so that a prompt action can be taken in case of any emergencies. Odometer incorporated in the cab gives accurate and real-time measurements of the speed of your vehicle. Theft tracker will never let your vehicle get stolen. Our fleet includes brand new cabs from top companies across the globe so that you experience super comfort level throughout your journey.

Our each and every cab, be it our own vehicle or a third party vehicle, is passed through stringent quality checks done by RTO which ensures you a secure journey. Our cab drivers are experienced and well-trained. They are also provided with all the necessary documents required for the long trips. Past records of all the drivers are always checked and drivers with criminal records are strictly avoided. In this way, we strive hard to provide you with the best-in- class experience throughout your journey. In addition to this, we make honest endeavours to provide you all the services at lucrative prices as we believe that, our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers. Making your ‘journey’ memorable than the ‘destination’ you are about to visit, is our only aim!

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