Taxi Service From Pune To Goa

Taxi Service from Pune to Goa

Explore and Unravel Goa With the Cab Service from Pune to Goa

Goa, with its fascinating biodiversity, is a classy destination for travel and tourism. If you are looking for a romantic gateway, then the beach city that lies on the Western Ghats is just where you need to go. It is easy to reach Goa from Pune because you can access any of the two routes. We at the Bookacab welcome you with open arms. The Taxi Service from Pune to Goa follows one of the two routes.

The better option

As a passenger, you are free to choose one of the two routes, if you choose the national highway 4 or 4a, then you will experience excellent road conditions. Driving through the highway that makes its way through Belgaum, you can save much of your precious time. It doesn’t take more than four and a half hours to reach the beach destination. If you choose our Cabs from Pune Airport to Goa, then, we will advise you to opt for the first route instead of the second.

Requires an expert driver

That’s because the second route which makes its way through Kolhapur takes almost ten hours to reach. The Kolhapur Amboli roadway is marked by heavy traffic. So, the best option is to use the previous option that makes its way through Londa. The road leading from Belgaum may be safe to ride, but due to the presence of the dirty tracks which often find themselves overloaded with trucks, you need the intervention of an expert driver. Instead of taking your personal vehicles out, the best option is to use our Cab Service From Pune To Goa.

Choose the best route

Our drivers are not only well-experienced, but they also have the training and expertise. So, if you avail of the service of our driver, he will know how to steer clear of risky roadways and guide you through the relatively safer roadways where you will come across umpteen numbers of eateries, restaurants and places in which to rest, refresh and relax.

Enjoy the following benefits

You can also engage our service for seeing around the beach destination and exploring hotspots including Bom Jesus Basilica, Wildlife Sanctuary, Calangute Beach, Mollem National Park and the Dudhasagar Falls. As a prospective customer, you will like to know in which way; we are different from the others. If you avail of our taxi rental service, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Pick from amongst the premium cabs: We make it a point to stock our inventory with the quality-tested vehicles.
  • All vehicles have insurance coverage: Despite making the best use of the safety measures, one never knows when an accidental eventuality may crop up, in view of that; we have made it a point to equip every single vehicle with the insurance coverage.
  • We give utmost importance to passengers’ safety: Keeping this factor in mind, we have made it a point to equip every single car with the GPS tracking facility. Every vehicle that goes out on road is linked with the GSM network. Even if an unforeseen situation arises, it becomes possible to locate the vehicle from the central monitoring room.
  • Our drivers are conversant with the road safety parameters: So, while traveling, you can just sit back, relax and refresh yourself.
  • Our prices are affordable: You need not incur a hidden charge because we give the exact breakup of the heads of expenses in our bill

Avail of our service

We are easy to book, and the portal that we use has a customer-friendly interface. So, with a few clicks, you can realize your purpose of booking the Cab Service from Pune to Goa. If you have a plan to travel and explore the destination that sizzles and scintillates with beaches, please feel free to connect with us.

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